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Saladmaster March 2014 Extreme Makeover

Viernes , 03/07/2014 - 12:05pm -- Saladmaster

Do you want to experience a makeover that could change your life? You have an exciting opportunity to get new Saladmaster products throughout the month of March.

Saladmaster's new and improved 10" Chef's Gourmet Skillet is perfect for pies, flans, casseroles, sautéing, browning meats, and so much more. The recessed rim of the Chef's Gourmet Skillet allows the cover of the Saladmaster 11" Large Skillet to be used. When using the cover, a vacuum seal is created and this skillet has all the advantages of the Vapo-Valve™. It is truly an essential piece for every kitchen.

The new Saladmaster 6 Qt. (5.67 L) Culinary Basket is constructed of US 316-steel and precision cut woven mesh material, and fits into the 10 Qt. and 7 Qt. Roasters with the cover of the 10 Qt. Roaster interchanging with the basket. With the variety this basket offers, you can vapor cook, defat meat, deep fry, and blanch vegetables. It also doubles as a colander, and the mesh material is the perfect size for making tiny orzo pasta.

Get more out of March and ask your local Saladmaster Authorized Dealer how you can experience an extreme makeover by hosting a dinner or find a Dealer in your area for more information and pricing.