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October Only! Saladmaster 5 Qt. Roaster Product Special

Miércoles , 09/30/2015 - 9:47am -- Saladmaster

Now is the time to take advantage of Saladmaster's October product special!

The Saladmaster 5 Qt. Roaster with Cover is the perfect size pan and is designed for stovetop cooking of a large roast, lamb, ham or chicken. It is also ideal for making soups and stews, chili and for cooking beans and grains. 

The possibilities are endless for what you can make in the 5 Qt. Roaster - check out these delicious recipesAnd here's our simple guide on roasting meats stovetop.

With its added versatility as a high dome cover for the 7 Qt. Roaster, you can rest assured larger volume roasts, hams and hens will cook to perfection. By inverting the 5 Qt. Roaster over the 7 Qt. Roaster, you can also stack cook by placing another pan on top of the 5 Qt. Roaster, allowing you to prepare two or more dishes while utilizing just one burner.

Saladmaster 5 Qt. Roaster

Don't waste any time and contact your local Saladmaster representative today to find out how to get yours.