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Recetas Saladmaster

Enseñando a la gente cómo preparar comidas sanas y deliciosas para sus familias utilizando el equipo y las técnicas adecuados.

Celebrations Around the World

Miércoles , 10/24/2012 - 9:34am -- Saladmaster

In the newly released issue of Saladmaster's magazine, we look back over the past several months, look forward to the New Year and remember various celebrations around the world. We look at the food that brings together families and friends to honor special occasions and gather around the dining table.

Featured recipes that are characteristic to certain celebrations include: Indonesian Ketupat (or rice cakes) during Idul Fitri, Sancocho Panameño during Panama Carnival, Pancakes on Pancake Day in Britain, and Ribbe during Christmas in Norway.

All around the world, people are looking to Saladmaster as a business opportunity and headed for a career with many opportunities for growth. This magazine features stories of success from four Authorized Dealers that reached Master Dealer level in 2011. The following excerpts are taken from each of their stories.

  • "Work with your heart. If you love what you are doing you will be successful." - Armand and Myles Maneja, Philippines
  • "Saladmaster has provided the opportunity for me to become a CEO of my own company and living in Korea as a female CEO bears much meaning for me." - Choi Kyung Hee, South Korea
  • "I think the greatest lesson we can ever learn is the lesson that we should never give up on our dreams. By reaching for our dreams and our goals in life we are doing what we were meant to do."  - Amador Guillergan, Canada
  • "For more than 30 years now, we have never stopped sharing the Saladmaster opportunity. Seeing our company producing successful leaders in the Philippines is something of which we are very proud." - Ric and Rose Isidro, Philippines

Saladmaster is at the forefront of family gatherings and celebrations globally with a tradition that has been going strong for over 65 years. International Authorized Dealers are helping families enjoy their cultural cuisines, cooked in their healthy cookware, and sticking true to the company's mission to change lives. When preparing any culinary delight, whether for a small gathering or for one of the many special occasions around the world, prepare healthy meals. Because a healthy life is also something worthy of celebrating.

Ask your Authorized Saladmaster Dealer for more information on Saladmaster's quarterly magazine.