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Recetas Saladmaster

Enseñando a la gente cómo preparar comidas sanas y deliciosas para sus familias utilizando el equipo y las técnicas adecuados.

Saladmaster Gourmet Skillet Tips: Potstickers & Perogies


Potstickers and perogies, also known as peirogies, are both different types of dumplings that are easily pan fried in any large Saladmaster Gourmet Skillet. With the Limited Edition Grand Gourmet, the cooking capacity is large enough for you to pan fry 2 different types of frozen dumplings. 


1. Preheat skillet on medium heat.  Skillet is preheated once water beads dance in skillet.

2. Add oil or butter to coat bottom of the skillet. (approximately 2-3 teaspoons)

3. Place frozen perogies and/or dumplings in skillet to brown for 6 minutes

4. Pour 1/4 cup of  hot water into skillet and cover.

5. When pan clicks, reduce heat to low. Cook for 15-20 minutes, or until water evaporates. If there's excess water, increase heat to medium and let cook uncovered until water evaporates.

Top pierogies with sliced scallions and bacon bits, or crumbled pieces of smoky corn chips.

Serve potstickers with dipping sauce made from soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, minced ginger and minced garlic.